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  Industrial Gaskets Industrial Gaskets

Industrial Gaskets

We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves to you as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial ready cut gaskets.

We manufacture, Gaskets for standard pipe flanges, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, vessels, manhole covers etc. as per American, British and DIN Standard & also as per the samples, specifications and drawings of our esteemed customers.

We manufacture Gaskets out of the following materials :

1)  Compressed Asbestos Fibres in all types and brands (i.e. Permanite, Firefly, Champion etc. )
2)  Non Asbestos and Klingr Sil material.
3)  All types of Rubber like Neoprene rubber, Natural Silicone, Vilton, Sponge Rubber, etc.
4)  Rubberized and Plain Cork.
5)  Oil Paper, Presspan Paper, Valcanised red Fibre.
6)  Teflon Envelope Type and Solid rings, PVC, Nylon etc.
7)  Brass, Copper, Aluminium Shims.

Presently we are supplying gaskets to many valued engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pumps & valve manufacturing companies and shall glad to add your name also to list of our valued customers.


Industrial Gaskets Industrial Gaskets


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